1945 / 1946 The Hungarian Hyperinflation




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    My website exists during already 1 year, many visitors could discover or follow the parcel card area during the 1945/1946 hungarian hyperinflation . I always search to improve this website in adding new informations and new scans. My different exhibits on the hyperinflation's topic are inside in scans, my future study on the postal documents payable by the addressee will be joined in several months.  
    All scans or informations from contributors will be always welcome, then, with their agreement, their references will be integrate on the pages.
     Good read and having fun!
Florent Tricot

The study:
The parcel cards of the hungarian hyperinflation 1945/1946

Around the 1945/1946 hungarian hyperinflation:

Links to understand the hyperinflation                                   
The stamps of the hyperinflation                 
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The futur study:

The second hungarian hyperinflation: when the addressee had to pay!

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