1945 / 1946 The Hungarian Hyperinflation




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      I would want to thank the persons without which I could not build this website.
At first, many thanks to Robert Morgan who brought to me scans from his wonderful collection and the documentation from his book (ref. to see in "my references"), to Fumihisa Ito and Alain Vailly for the scans from their great collection, to Lörinc Borda who brought to me precious postal documentation from Hungary, to Andor Hodobay who brought to me serious informations on revenue rates,  to my clubs based on the hungarian philately (see links above) for their documentation, to all the philatelists who helped me for the hungarian translation, the analyse of some documents, the scans...:  Csaba Kohalmi, David Williams, David Dacombe, Karoly Szucs, Laurent Bonnefoy (French Philately Academy)... the regrets Jay Carrigan and John Whiteside. Andy Soutar and John Bruhn for their support. And all the persons who wrote something that I could read in the hyperinflation's topic in different magazines or websites ("my references").
The list is not closed, I hope that other new philatelists will contribute to the improvement of this website.

      I fell in love with the 1945/1946 hungarian hyperinflation's marcophily several years ago. The reading of the Robert Morgan's book allowed me to understand at well all we know and all we don't know on this period yet. The parcel cards are among the less known and the most interessant part of the hungarian hyperinflation's philately. Strong of the reading of the majority of the articles on this theme and with a personal research of materials, I decided to compile all I know in this website. Many informations are again to be found in the hungarian postal regulations and I'm always expecting to find them, I will put all what is new on my website in the future. 
Other studies, always in the hyperinflation's topic, will integrate this website in the next months.
This website will be in constant evolution, all other scans will welcome, so please visit it regularly!
                                                                                                                                                                                         Florent Tricot

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The parcel cards of the hungarian hyperinflation 1945/1946

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